Escaping Amazon's Erotica Category Guide

Escaping Amazon's Adult Dungeon Guide

So your book has been moved from your carefully chosen categories to the erotica category. What was Amazon thinking! Hopefully you're using our monitoring service and this just happened a few hours ago, and the damage will be minimal. If you're not using our service, now would be a good time to sign up!

The good news is that it's a much easier process to get your book's categories restored. The bad news is that it doesn't always work. Sometimes Amazon decides that your book is erotica, and they won't budge on it. But let's hope that doesn't happen.

What Having Your Categories Changed Means

When your book gets moved to the erotica category it doesn't disappear from the normal search results like with the adult dungeon, but it does get pushed down lower in the search results, further away from the eyeballs of potential readers. So your earnings don't take a huge hit like with the adult dungeon, but they will still take a hit. Fortunately, there's something you can do.

Step One: Email Amazon

The first, and only step to getting your book's categories restored is to email Amazon and ask nicely. Unlike when you end up in the adult dungeon, there isn't really anthing you can do to change your book to make Amazon happy when it comes to category changes. They're either going to decide that you're right, that your book doesn't belong in the Erotica category, or they won't.

Here's an email template you can use:

Hi Amazon. I noticed that one of my books has been moved to the erotica category. I really don't think this book is erotica, and I don't think it's what erotica readers are expecting to read. I would like to get the book's original categories restored. The ASIN of the book is __________. Thanks!

You want to send this email to:

Step Two: Wait

You're done! Now you wait for Amazon to email you back. They'll either tell you that they agree with you, in which case you should see the book's original categories restored, or they'll tell you they disagree. You can try repeating step one, or asking if there is anything about the book that you can change to get it removed from the erotica category, but we haven't heard of that working. Not yet at least!


This guide, as well as the adult dungeon guide, are not based on information from Amazon, but rather on trial and error from writers just like you. If you have some knowledge to add to this guide that might benefit your fellow writers we'd love to hear from you! Head to the contact page and send us an email.